23 February 2011


It's move in week!  I can't believe it.  Friday we will be fully moved into the house!  Just a few days ago I thought - how are we going to pull this together?!?  But after I pulled up the paper from the floor and Matt cleaned the kitchen yesterday...it's starting to look liveable!  I thought I'd share a few pictures of the walls painted.  I haven't had much time to take any other pictures at this time.  Our couch arrived yesterday though.

Living room - It's sort of a mess and I used the flash so you can see the dust specks.

 There is the one wall that is a dark gray - LOVE this wall!
 The rest of the walls are a light gray (5 other walls)
 The room does NOT look like this anymore.  There is a couch in it now.
And what are your thoughts??  I was thinking of painting that door to the entryway RED.  Our room colors are Gray, white and accents of red.  Or should we paint it white?  Thoughts?  Reminder - we hope to sell this house someday, what would appeal to buyers?

And FINALLY, here is a video fo Matt using my new paint sprayer he gave me for my birthday....
I'm thinking SMALL projects for this paint sprayer... like my kitchen cabinets I'm repainting this summer and my wood projects.

07 February 2011

Videos & progress

I thought I'd share a new videos I took this weekend.  Matt was almost done with tiling the bathroom and he tore his bicep tendon.  Sunday, I helped him finish up the tile job.  We have a little bit more to go and then have to grout it.  By end of the day Tuesday, we should have a bathroom that is 95% completed!  HURRAY!!!

We hope to start moving items in this upcoming weekend.  So the family room is the next to be prepped & painted.

Here is a photo of the bathroom color pallet.  We are going for a spa feeling.

05 January 2011

Lets play catch-up

We are making progress on the bathroom.  It's not done yet, but we are getting close!!  Our goal is January 11.  Cross your fingers.

Bathroom So far...
  • Durarock is down on the floor & tub surround
  • Tub area is framed out (tub is sitting in frame)
  • Plumbing is at 90% completed
  • Matt has become an electrician and did an AWESOME job!
  • Main tile picked out and purchased
  • Accent Tile Picked out
Still LOTS to do though.

The living room is almost ready to be painted.  I have one little section of bricks to take down, we need to sheet rock part of the wall and then time to clean the walls, prime and paint!  Man lots of work ahead of us.

Here are some videos for the past month or so.

11 November 2010

Washing Walls

Some of the walls (well all of them) and the doors are FILTHY!  Really gross and dirty.  Before I prime & paint them I will be cleaning them.  I am been researching videos online and found this one from DIY Network.com

How do you clean your walls?

07 November 2010

Day, Who knows

Today we spent the entire day demoing the house.  From 10am - 4pm, we were ripping down sheet rock, tearing up the floor and taking down faux bricks in the living room.  Well they are actually 1/2 a brick.

A video will come soon.  Here are some photos:
The faux brick came down on ONE wall.  It is a lot of work.  We have to take each individual brick down.  UGH!
The bathroom from the Master Bedroom.  It looks so much bigger in person.  It's going to be nice to have that extra space!
Matt at like 4pm.  Long day of demo.  He may be going crazy at this point.
A video of this day to come soon.

Tasks to come:
- Frame Wall for bathroom
- Take down the ceiling
- Plumbers need to come to move the plumbing
- Sheet rock bathroom
- Install bathtub, toliet, vanity and linen closet.

01 November 2010

More videos

The bathroom is moving ahead.  It is gutted.  Here are some videos from the house - catching it up.

Video Day 1 - House

Day 2 - Bathroom

Day 3 - Bathroom

Day ?? Bathroom

Bathroom Video

There are more videos.  Hopefully to come this week.  I hope to get there this weekend and do some demoing too!

24 October 2010

Demo Photos

We try to take as many photos as possible.  Here are a few from the Bathroom Demo from Sunday!  We took down the wall from the bathroom to the master bedroom closet.

Here is the wall prior to taking it down.  Look at ALL that wood paneling... UGH!
Oct24 2010 
Here is the room with the wall down!
Oct24 2010 
Matt sitting in the bathroom.  Taking a quick break.
Oct24 2010 
View from the bedroom into the bathroom.  AWESOME tub huh?
Oct24 2010 
Another view of the bathroom through the Master Bedroom.
Oct24 2010

When we took the wood paneling off...we found these flowers on the sheet rock.  We are thinking Kathy put them there when the bathroom was redone last.  :)  Matt sent photos to his mom to show her. 
Oct24 2010